SING YANG precision industry Co., Ltd.


SIYA Precision Industry Co., Ltd is a professional factory of producing a wide variety of "Tungsten Carbide" moldings. The scope is so wide that the products includes those which need powder metallurgy and squeeze forge, such as machinery parts,

automotive tool's parts, spare parts of automobiles, motorcycles & bicycles, and household electric appliances, computer's accessories & parts and magnetic of mid-high voltage ceramics electric containers

SIYA was founded in Taiping,Taichung 1989 , and move to Dali Industrial Zone in 1996, SIYA has had more than twenty years of producing experience , Currently, SIYA maintains a long-term good and mutual relationship with the manufacturers, We always have the management concept of "A Customer is the best, A quality is the first and A Delivery is Fast" to meet the customer's demands, Based on this consideration, we require out staff to satisfy the customers by the viewpoints of "from nothing till existence". Furthermore , We thank the business firms who are leading in the various circles have supported our company for many years to reach the splendid achievements, We still keep the everlasting service spirit on progressing to respond the customer's requirements, Pursue the continuous improvement to reach Perfection, Grow steadily for excellence to create best quality.

  • Powder forming mold
  • Forging mold
  • Stamping mold(pressing mold)
  • Parts Processing
  • Precision Fixture
  • Precision Plug Gauge、Ring Gauge
  • Manufacture and sell

Mold making patterns

There are a variety of molding types, for example , micro-standard type、Super precision type、 Special made type、mono-hole form type 、revolving form type 、multi-hole form type、precision parts、particular pinching head、tiny - hole bushing、mini punching head 、plug gauge、ring gauge、card gauge 、hex reamer、semi-conduct electronic machine parts and Tangential blade, which are the mass production or micro but various kinds of processing production

Material processing range

Tungsten steel alloy(WC)、ASP、SKH9、SKD11、SKD61、V4、SNCM8

Manufacturing capacity

  • Technical Innovation
  • Win-Win Strategy
  • Positive and rsponsible
  • Sustainable Development
  • Follow international standard ISO 9001
  • Concentration on Quality control methods improvement